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"Don't set yourself on fire to keep somebody else warm....."
Read that somewhere once.

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Freeranger 22 days ago

Good advice.

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StarzAbove 22 days ago

So your thoughts are your destiny....cutting out the middleman

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JD 22 days ago

In response to “So your thoughts are your destiny....cutting...

the message is......stay focused on what you need to get done

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Freeranger 21 days ago

In response to “the message is......stay focused on what you...

That's what I said....just a shortcut...hehe


JD 21 days ago

staying focused is what matters
to Mike
that meant keeping the bad guys far away from his family

to get to his family..they gotta go through MIke

let this be a warning

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Neanderthal_Momdoer 20 days ago


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