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Turn on her brain and the rest will moistly follow....(mischief)(mischief)

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Tiffanee 2 years ago

"I hope you feel better" a vague thought,but so is.."Suck on a raw, rotten egg and live to tell about it".

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DandyDon 2 years ago

In response to “"I hope you feel better" a vague...

After recovering from several intestinal tract ailments...yes once might recover to tell about it...

Really, any wishes are pointless...but we all say at birthday's...hope you have a great what...

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Sukiesnow 2 years ago

In response to “After recovering from several intestinal...

Yea, it's just being polite..and trying to remain positive..

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DandyDon 2 years ago

"Hope for the best" is something we all say. We might as well not say a word and simply smile.

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Sukiesnow 2 years ago

Therefore I hope I don’t hope too much about the outcome of hoping? :)

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DW2 5 months ago


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