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Submitted by: fuzala

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Guess who also said:
“A general belief seems to prevail in the colony that the Indians are little better, if at all, than the savages or natives of Africa. Even the children are taught to believe in that manner, with the result that the Indian is being dragged down to the position of a raw Kaffir.”

"Kaffirs are as a rule uncivilized – the convicts even more so. They are troublesome, very dirty and live almost like animals.”

"Kaffir" in South Africa is equivalent to "****" in America.

Also, Gandhi was blowing the Muslims because he wanted them on his side to oppose British rule and unite India as one nation. In 1924 he had lost almost all his support from the Muslims. He would've said anything.

Not that I agree or disagree with the statement, but Gandhi is a terrible source for a statement like that.

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Anonymous 5 years ago

In response to “Guess who also said: “A general belief...

doesn't kafir mean "nonbeliever"?

Gandhi wasn't perfect

no human is perfect

that doesn't discredit all the good that he brought about

I'm not saying that's what you were aiming to do

I don't think I should question the intention of a dead man since he can't defend himself at this moment

the quotes you put out
what do they mean exactly?

I totally know who you are (wary)


fuzala 5 years ago

In response to “doesn't kafir mean "nonbeliever"?...

Sorry, it felt like I was stalking you so I went anon...

in south Africa, kaffir is a racial slur.

he was basically calling blacks uncivilized and less important than Indians.

Gandhi had an agenda so it discredits the honesty in what he was saying. Plus he was a racist. So I don't like him too much.


JimiHendrix 5 years ago

In response to “Sorry, it felt like I was stalking you so I...

I don't like racists either
and I despise racism

I think you'll have to remember that Gandhi as a young man and Ghandi after all he went through were like two different people
(Ghandi as an old man versus young man )

perhaps he was one way as a young man
but as he finally grew older
he lacked feelings of superiority

in the end,
he was someone who hated injustice
and could not have been described as a racist

at least not to my knowledge


fuzala 5 years ago

In response to “I don't like racists either and I despise...

He was in his 40s when he said that stuff. Well past the age were youth is an excuse.

He hated injustice against his people. That doesn't mean he's not racist. I'm sure Hitler hated injustice against Nazis.

I've got a thing against Gandhi. I don't think he deserves as much praise as he gets.


JimiHendrix 5 years ago

In response to “He was in his 40s when he said that stuff...

I wonder why that side of him isn't portrayed that much


fuzala 5 years ago

In response to “I wonder why that side of him isn't portrayed...

History is written by the winners. In the end, he did play a role in bringing independence to India and fought against class injustice in a peaceful way so that's all people want to remember.


JimiHendrix 5 years ago

Tolerance, love and accepting and embracing each other's uniqueness are at the basis of creating a better world. We all want our basic needs to be met: nourishing the body and the soul and creating an environment where we can raise our family in health, happiness and prosperity.

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Amiriter37375 5 years ago


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