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Does "Mandatory Evacuations" involve using your own means of transport?

I'd think your National Guard provided means of transportation?

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ZonkeyBalls 11 days ago

Really, dw?
How many people do you reckon couldnt find gas? many didnt even have a car?
Or how many out in the lowlands dont even have a tv? Of those, how many have elderly, are elderly and have no phone? Life isnt black or white. Lots of gray.

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Carla 11 days ago

In response to “Really, dw? How many people do you reckon...

National guard comes through and buses are available.


DW2 10 days ago

In response to “Really, dw? How many people do you reckon...

How many people left their animals behind, dogs tied to their houses, while the water is rising. They should be thrown in jail.

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hootowl 8 days ago

It depends on who and why. If it's an affluent person that had the means to leave but the poor judgement to stay, I could see fining them for being dumbasses. If they just didn't have the means then they probably couldn't pay the fine either.

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Will_Janitor 10 days ago

Except that there are many stories of people being told by their employers that they will lose their jobs if they leave. In those cases the employers should do jail time and pay for the expense.

I also believe that people who moved to a region within the last 30 years should not have tax payers rebuild their homes - this goes for forest fires, flood, or other natural disasters. We all know which regions are susceptible. If you buy a home on a barrier island, the coast line, or the California highlands don't come begging for a handout. If you were born there or lived there your whole life, fine we all can't afford to just move - but if you can afford to move and you opt for Hawaii, Kennebunkport or Malibu Beach and your ** get wiped out - tough **.

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VicZinc 10 days ago

So.....all the asshats who will have to eat shit after their collective defiant stands in the face of adversity go to hell because they became scared witless will then cry poverty to cover their asses. It's what they do. Why can't they at least say "I totally **** up, and it's on me that we had decided to ride it out."
In the intrim, rescue personnel suffer a very excellent chance of dying trying to recover these morons, my world, I'd charge them with every recovery expense.
In the same breath....where the hell are ALL these great Hollywood humanitarians who wax so poetically when they dance their way to the podium to receive their collective awards and **** about THE MAN? How many of them are donating to the crisis?

HA!!!'s somebody else's problem.
It will be those who make under $25,000 a year who will risk their lives and come to the rescue of the just and the unjust. That's just the way it is.

Such collective ****....and why the rich and famous should be ignored.

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Freeranger 9 days ago

Yes they endanger themselves and the police or fire that try to save them. not fair So yes make them pay ..As should hikers or campers who needlessly endanger others trying to save them.

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LorraineTwevlehundredRaineTwelvehundred 9 days ago

That's rather harsh. There are a lot of people who can't money, no transportation.... that's why we have good and decent people in our world, who will help those who have decided to stay put for whatever reason, and never question their reasons.

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StarzAbove 8 days ago

In response to “That's rather harsh. There are a lot of...

(chew) I know in my town people always pay for fire and ambulance services, it isn't free. I know because I worked in the finance department at city hall and sent out many bills for those services. We also force welfare people to work in whatever department of the city we can use them. We don't get free anything here as it should be.

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LorraineTwevlehundredRaineTwelvehundred 8 days ago