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Well, people do say ignorance is bliss, but I think that only works if everyone around you does the same. Echo-chamber and all that. Because if you're around people who "see", eventually, someone will burst your bubble. And the bliss will vanish pretty fast.
But if you don't care? Then you just don't care. It's easier to show someone the truth, than to make them give a crap about it.

I think the main key to happiness is keeping your expectations low. Keep yourself in check, accept yourself and others for what they are, and it might work out.

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Sofia 14 days ago

In response to “Well, people do say ignorance is bliss, but I...

lol, it encompasses the globe "... the art of true happiness is to lower your expectations, no, no lower, yeah, keep going......."

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AliceD 14 days ago

In response to “lol, it encompasses the globe "... the...

Until there's nothing there?
Let's not go that low.

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Sofia 14 days ago

In response to “Until there's nothing there? Let's not go...

You would possibly be surprised at how many zombies are already there.

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AliceD 14 days ago

Knowledge is power, and caring gives life meaning. If you're ignorant and uncaring, that's kind of a hellish existence.

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Maze 14 days ago

It is often the pursuit of happiness that makes us happy.
So chase your goals, do what makes you happy or content, sprinkle little pleasures in your life on a daily basis..... Smile and show compassion.
That will make us happy, if that does not work then you need help, through doing exercise and meditation, if all else fails and you have a halo over your head, go see you GP.

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vox 14 days ago

I don't know and I don't care. Does that make me successful?

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that_guy 13 days ago

What's the point of being alive if you don't care about anything?

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DWF 12 days ago