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Yeah I'm hearing you. I think the inside of atoms can change and create say a more positive outcome to something, if you are concentrating on that something in a certain way.

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Ada 18 days ago

In response to “Yeah I'm hearing you. I think the inside of...

I could go all mundane and scientific. Though have you ever tried to control clouds? Just by watching them? Try believing you can.:)

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DW2 18 days ago

In response to “I could go all mundane and scientific. Though...

dw2 I can't I know it is impossible - but I knew this guy who thought he could control the weather. Weird ideabut ya he was pretty weird.


LorraineTwevlehundredRaineTwelvehundred 15 days ago

No, however, belief can create focus and focus can create various things like more acute observation, better concentration and more dedication which in return can produce better and more accurate results.

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vox 18 days ago

In response to “No, however, belief can create focus and...

Belief/hope also has a powerful mental and somatic effect. If, for example, you believe that your health situation is hopeless, it might just become that. It's never good to give up.

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TheobaldHospitaller 17 days ago

Reality is relative.

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Carla 18 days ago

I believe I'll have a beer.

See how it works?

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that_guy 18 days ago

I know I've never made anything happen in my life until I believed and visualized it.

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JanHaskell 17 days ago

Agreed. Hallucinogenics help.

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AliceD 16 days ago

today's Reality

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Neanderthal_Momdoer 16 days ago

Everybody who looks at the stars sees the same blobs of light. Some people believe the color of the light indicates a speed according to the Doppler effect. They also believe that all the universe is governed by gravity, and they build a picture of the universe based on those beliefs. Other equally qualified people believe the universe is governed by electric charge, so the color of light indicates a magnetic field, and they build a very different picture of the universe.

The problem is that the first group controls grant money for most kinds of research. They think stars are powered by fusion, so they try to achieve fusion based on the way they imagine things. So far they have totally failed. The second group knows very well that nature achieves fusion by accident, totally unrelated to what the first group is doing. So far they have not figured out how the accident happens, and they are not wasting any money demonstrating their lack of knowledge.

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that_guy 15 days ago

That's a chance thing. I can believe whatever I want, even work hard for it, but if it will happen or not, it's not just up to my belief. Having a Positive Mental Attitude tends to help, sure, but sometimes that's just not enough. Same thing with negative thinking.

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Sofia 15 days ago