Sugar overdose anyone?

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I have all of them in front of me... it's a good thing I can't eat much, or I would be rolling around, not walking.

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Sofia 10 days ago

My diabeetus senses are tingling! But i'll take them off your hands... :P

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Tanor_Faux 10 days ago

In response to “My diabeetus senses are tingling! But i'll...

Too late...

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Sofia 10 days ago

Although I love Brownies? I would gladly help you out with that Coconut Cream Sponge cake! You betcha!

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Rooster 10 days ago

I guess, all of the ones that I can take before getting stuffed. :P

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primeiro 10 days ago

Brownies with mini chocolate chips and pecans, add a cup of coffee to that and will call it good. not a big fan of the others

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MistressMom 4 days ago