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If someone is constantly rude to me when I did nothing wrong to them, eventually I will tell them to **** off. The funny thing is, when these people act like I'm the rude one. So, you're disrespectful to me every time we have any contact and I'm supposed to be respectful to you 24/7 or I'm the ****? Wouldn't that be nice. I'm not inclined to be nice to someone who isn't. People will be treated accordingly to their behaviour where I am concerned.

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I hear what you are saying. I try my best to be nice to everyone but some just don't care for it. I do agree though and if someone is constantly rude or nasty? I'll sure tell them to **** off.

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Rooster 12 days ago

In response to “I hear what you are saying. I try my best to...

Yup. There's no need to keep these kind of people around. If I can see them walk away, I'll make sure that happens.

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Sofia 12 days ago

In response to “Yup. There's no need to keep these kind of...

As will I!

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Rooster 12 days ago

In response to “As will I!

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Sofia 12 days ago

Here are two words everyone should be aware in their lives:

plural noun: consequences
1. a result or effect, typically one that is unwelcome or unpleasant.
"abrupt withdrawal of drug treatment can have serious consequences"

1. something done, felt, or thought in response to a situation or event.
"my immediate reaction was one of relief"

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Sofia 12 days ago

Same, if people are constantly rude to me, and I've done nothing to them, it just seems strange they'd hate me. Maybe it's for my opinions, maybe it's because I'm different, and people tend to hate what they don't understand or not willing to understand, and even if they do understand, it doesn't mean they will change their approach to you.

I don't argue, I don't fight, and I really don't debate, I have my reasons and beliefs. I sometimes act cold or distant, or sometimes I appear to be childish, I dunno. All I know is I enjoy most people here, and other ex-sodaheaders that I came to know in the last 7 years.

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Tanor_Faux 12 days ago

I agree Sofia, I give people a lot of second chances, but eventually I will block them, then they wonder why. I don't let people treat me badly in reality, and sure not going to put up with it here on an opinion site.

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StarzAbove 12 days ago

True - Some people are just rude and full of insulting / demeaning assumptions, then act outraged when you dislike them for it.

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primeiro 12 days ago

"People will be treated accordingly to their behavior where I am concerned."

Is the key sentence here. Human Behavior is what I look at, how one reacts and how they handle it. I associate myself with people who have ethics, not the ones that pretend. Real life is what really counts.

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SynysterGates 12 days ago

There are many fires in a village at night babe. Visit them all, but only take your boots off and warm yourself at the fire ring of the one that warms you multiple ways

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Freeranger 12 days ago

It's amazing how some people seem to alienate others and make enemies so easily. And they often seem to be clueless to the ways they push people away.

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TheobaldHospitaller 12 days ago

In response to “It's amazing how some people seem to alienate...

Exactly. Then they wonder why they are blocked. But playing the victim seems to make them happy.

I've always liked this quote and it fits a lot of people on this site:

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StarzAbove 12 days ago

Some people don't learn, until its too late.

They know who's fault it is, their feeble mind won't allow them to blame their self.

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DandyDon 12 days ago

The last time i talked to jd he had the audacity to wonder why i didn't reply to him more often

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DWF 12 days ago

I wouldn't be at all surprised, if someone I treated as an enemy disliked me.

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Piper2 12 days ago

In response to “I wouldn't be at all surprised, if someone I...

Some people are, which either tells me they're even less social-savvy than me, or they're playing the victim.

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Sofia 11 days ago

In response to “Some people are, which either tells me...

I've noticed that, too.

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Piper2 11 days ago

When someone is holding on by their fingertips, it's hard to distinguish who will step on them. So everyone voicing contrary opinions, is suspect. Too bad they dont realize that they might be demonizing people who wish to pull them up.

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Carla 12 days ago

What have I... Wait, that's self-centered thinking... What haven't I done to you people lately?

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ZonkeyBalls 11 days ago

In response to “What have I... Wait, that's self-centered...

Loool xD The post isn't about you, Zonkey :D I don't consider you disrespectful.

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Sofia 11 days ago