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It just messes with my brain.

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So sorry Sofia, insomnia is frustrating. I hope you are able to sleep soon.

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Flrdsgns 20 days ago

In response to “So sorry Sofia, insomnia is frustrating. I...

I will sleep eventually. It will be bit and pieces here and there, then I'll have a day with nothing to do and I'll just rest. Last time it got bad, I barely slept 10 hours in two weeks then I had one afternoon and evening free and I slept 15 hours.

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Sofia 20 days ago

I know a couple of people who suffer from it but I sure don't. I generally sleep well!

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Rooster 20 days ago

I'm one of the lucky ones. I fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow. But my husband is just the opposite. He never gets a good night's sleep. I don't know how he functions, but he does.

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StarzAbove 20 days ago

Yes, one person.

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SynysterGates 20 days ago

Sleeplessness is too common for me.
I would give you suggestions, but few have worked, thing to tell you is get some aerobic excersize, and stay off the computer at least a couple of hours before you lay down.

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Carla 20 days ago

In response to “Yes. Sleeplessness is too common for me. I...

That's the thing - I tried that. Doesn't always work. I don't know about aerobics, but my work is my exercise. And then, even when I don't touch my laptop, it can get me hours to fall asleep.

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Sofia 20 days ago

In response to “That's the thing - I tried that. Doesn't...

If your working hours have changed or are always changing, that can be an issue. Your location, too.
I think you are on your feet during your working hours. That really isnt aerobic. Your heart needs to pump and you need to breath hard:/
You're will fall into a routine. In the mean time...5hour energy!

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Carla 20 days ago

I've rarely experienced it myself, and am very grateful for that. It has to be beyond frustrating, and I feel for those who suffer with it.

Yes, I know and have known some people who have bouts with being unable to sleep.

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Piper2 20 days ago

Me. Been suffering for years.

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xather 20 days ago

I usually fall asleep good.

Once in a while I'll have a night like that.
When it does happen, I've learned not to start working myself up and getting angry.

I try to stay calm and just tell myself..."I might not be able to sleep but I can still rest"..

Then I just try to keep thinking good thoughts.
I might not get but an hour or two of sleep but I feel a lot better than if I would've tossed and turned all the time and feeling angry all night.

Like I said...the majority of the time I sleep good.
Doing that helps me...I don't know if it would help someone with insomnia.

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DandyDon 20 days ago

That sounds horrible. :(

As far as I'm aware, I don't know of anyone else who has to deal with insomnia (at least among the people that I know closely enough).

I usually take long to sleep, but it's just due to too much on my head. And I always feel tired and yawning during the day. However, I always manage to sleep every night (although sometimes the sleep feels really agitated and I don't feel like I slept very well).

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primeiro 20 days ago

Sorry. I do not. I DO understand being really spun up after a major event. My solution was always to sit in an over-stuffed chair in total peace and quiet for an undetermined amount of time by myself until I had stabilized.

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Freeranger 19 days ago