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Too much garlic in my home made Thanksgiving 1996 stuffing. Ruined the whole meal, IMO.
I have recently discovered StoveTop.

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HELLOwithSMILE 21 days ago

Burnt the crap out of some chicken on the BBQ! Wasn't paying attention!

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Rooster 21 days ago

Put a ham in the oven on Christmas Eve and set the delayed timer to turn on at a certain time. Then went to church, came home, guests were arriving, I checked on the ham, and I hadn't set the timer correctly, so there was no ham to be eaten that night. lol

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StarzAbove 21 days ago

I don't make mistakes.

I do make very exotic food, though, pretty much every time. Some of it is best served completely burned.

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ZonkeyBalls 21 days ago