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French Fries

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StarzAbove 2 months ago


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Diego 2 months ago

Chips, pickles, and fries, nom nom nom!

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Fyrefox 1 month ago

I've never eaten with somebody from Hamburg. HA!

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Walt_OReagun 13 days ago

In Norway that would be a knife and fork.

No, wait. That's what they eat a hamburger with. Sorry, I got it backwards. Never mind.

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that_guy 13 days ago

French fries and a pickle.

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hootowl 13 days ago

Milkshake and fries, of course!

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Will_Janitor 10 days ago

Root beer, no fries.

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Thinkerbell 10 days ago

In response to “Root beer, no fries.

How about a root beer Float?


Will_Janitor 10 days ago