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Woman accidentally stole car, kept it for two weeksThis is the wrong way to get an upgrade.

I admit that a lot of cars look similar, but these two are not even close. And she kept the guy's golf clubs in the car for two weeks! Ha!

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Kind of like The Twilight Zone!

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Rooster 2 months ago

In response to “Kind of like The Twilight Zone!

Hey, rooster!

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Carla 2 months ago

In response to “Hey, rooster!

Howdy ma'am! (biggrin)

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Rooster 2 months ago

Stealing the car ain't too bad but keeping his golf clubs for two weeks should be the death penalty.....

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JD 2 months ago

So, why didn't she accidentally steal a helicopter, when she was already on the roll? I think every rental car should come with a bag of golf clubs.

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ZonkeyBalls 2 months ago

That's a pretty dumb excuse...not knowing...either drunk or stoned for those many weeks. lol

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StarzAbove 2 months ago

Wow! I guess I keep too many personal items in my car .... and I would notice a set of golf clubs immediately! (Also, the cars look quite different from one another!) (confused)

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JanHaskell 2 months ago

In response to “Must be a blonde lol

Ha Ha!

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Will_Janitor 2 months ago

Still sayin', at some point, the keys need to be permanently confiscated!

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Carla 2 months ago happens. I once jumped in to the wrong car at a coffee shop one morning. It was parked right next to mine and looked very similar...until after putting the key to the ignition and then taking a better look around. Yikes! (and embarrassing)

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Freeranger 2 months ago

In response to “ happens. I once jumped in to the...

I tried to unlock a car before that was the same model and color as mine. Then I realized there were no stickers or things that mine had.
My car was one row over.

I tried to drive home with my face covered.

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Diego 2 months ago

Well, the cars were the same color. (a) I suspect there may be something other than being "elderly" going on with her.

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Piper2 2 months ago

I read the story, hard to believe someone would not notice the interior of the car was not the same. The golf clubs should of rung a bell.

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Fredrik 2 months ago