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Most of the time. I like things orderly and reasonably clean.

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Will_Janitor 13 days ago

I just threatened/promised to lock down the kitchen if they refuse to leave it the way I leave it (just left it)

I've been too busy decorating to see everything go to Hell ......I like/want it tidy , organized , a place for everything and everything in it's place until I decide it needs a new home lolz

(it's written on the White board on the fridge in large print so they can't say I haven't warned them)

I'm going to put a lock in the Amazon basket so they know
I'm not bluffing. (mischief)

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Darkest_Serenity 13 days ago

In response to “I just **threatened/promised** to lock down...

haha, and they'll probably learn lock-picking quickly (hehe)


Zolfie 13 days ago

my mom is and got lots of beating for not beating "hey.... jungly cut off your nails mom calls me jungly XD

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WonderMan 13 days ago

I'm reasonably neat, but not obsessively so. A little clutter now and then is okay with me. (a)

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JanHaskell 13 days ago

The opposite actually

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Sunny_the_skeptic 13 days ago


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VicZinc 13 days ago

Nope, more like semi-organized and semi-mess (xp)(biggrin)

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Zolfie 13 days ago

I'm kind of a neat slob. There's stuff all over, but contained into neat piles.
About once a month I start to go through some of them and end up throwing them all away.

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Diego 13 days ago

I like things to be neat and clean.

Slobby people annoy the hell out of me..

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DandyDon 13 days ago

No. Occasionally I like to set things right in my room, like once in a month or two, but that’s it. Even my notes are sloppy. My wardrobe is the worst. I only settle things there twice a year when changing from summer to winter and vv.

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ZaraZooper 13 days ago

My husband say's I am.

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hootowl 12 days ago

Can someone explain the graphic gross pictures on this thread when you are logged out? Moderation please?

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xather 12 days ago

Yes and no. I won't lose my mind over some dust, but I do like things organised my way.

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Sofia 10 days ago

Just a freak, unfortunately

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Crimson 8 days ago