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is that your normal type of music? (smirk)

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Zolfie 14 days ago

this TV ad was playing when I read the question

(hehe) and it was a song so I thought it fit

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Zolfie 14 days ago

Just a little while ago, matter of fact

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Freeranger 14 days ago

This is the first time in three days, when I'm online. Spent some time watching through the 13th (the latest) season of Supernatural... And they always play this at some point:

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ZonkeyBalls 13 days ago

if youve never heard this song, or dont like rap music, you should give this one a try. he's super talented and theres a bitchin interior segment (which is part of another RAD song) in the middle of this one and its so good. all of it.

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astral_queen 13 days ago

I don't remember especially which one, but it's one of these. I've been listening to them a lot recently.
Queen - It's a hard life
Queen - Friends will be friends

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Sofia 12 days ago