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Burger King Russia apologizes for World Cup promotion offering Whoppers, money to women...Burger King Russia is apologizing for a whopper of a blunder.

I read this article and my mouth just dropped open. I'm not on the cutting edge of the world, but this is just plain stupidity.

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Figures coming from Russia! Total stupidity on their parts!

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Rooster 3 months ago

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Will_Janitor 3 months ago

Part of the article reads - "Burger King promises $50,000 and lifetime whopper supply for Russian women able to get pregnant from any football celebrity (to transfer good genes to Russia)

To be clear, in other places in the article it specifies 'Burger King Russia'.

So Burger King Russia is pimping out Russian women. Not cool.

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Budwick 3 months ago

Im not sure, will. Seems like something that poorly thought through, likely came from bk itself.

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Carla 3 months ago

Burger King Russia is a master franchise. It is independently owned and BK gives them much greater autonomy than standard franchisees. It almost appears to me that someone who wishes to bring down BKR has gotten an insider embedded within its corporate structure and they engineered this to hurt BKR.

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Bozette 3 months ago

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If that's the case, someone made good progress on their mission. :)

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Will_Janitor 3 months ago

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Corporate spying and sabotage is much more widespread than people realize. Russia came to capitalism only relatively recently and still retains a bit of a "wild west" feel to it, if I am not mistaken.

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Bozette 3 months ago

In response to “Ha! Me either!


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StarzAbove 3 months ago

Okay, usually I'm open minded to things like this... but impregnated by players?... that's just putting an extra target on players and promote gold digging... this has to be one of the worst ideas I can remember.

I know BK enough sexual advertising, but getting people impregnated? That's just stupid!

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Zolfie 3 months ago

That’s my Mother Russia, the land of a thousand fails!)))

“Good genes into Russia?” That was a “whopper” of a lie. Consider congenital STDs and genetic disorders.

Meanwhile in the Westminster Abbey, Darwin is laughing in his grave.

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Masha 3 months ago