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Always give people a chance to explain, don't shut anyone out..

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JD 3 months ago

Some people are liars. And some want to invent a slight against themselves because they're actually the one who did something wrong and thus, feel guilty. Unfortunately, not enough to take ownership of it. So, because of the misunderstanding, they'll ghost the person. I agree with JD, be the bigger person and allow them a chance to explain. It's pretty easy for me to tell when someone is lying to my face. It's also up to you whether or not you accept their reasoning.

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Vrendowl 3 months ago

Some people are pretty sensitive and they may hold a grudge without you even knowing it. There's not much you can do about if they don't confront you and tell you what bothered them.

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Will_Janitor 3 months ago

what can I say're then free not to react or answer. Win, win babe.

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Freeranger 3 months ago

Yes, misunderstandings are the worst.

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Zolfie 3 months ago