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My basic mobile phone-and wifi!

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Blewynanifail 3 months ago

When I had my '07 BMW M3 , expensive to own and maintain yes, fun to drive and own? yes yes! One of my favourite cars and all. Can daily it and can track day it too. Though shame I have to drive it in Pennsylvanian traffic, which is notoriously slow on Route 22. It's not the condition of the roads that people hate, it's the stench of Lehigh valley traffic..

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Tanor_Faux 3 months ago

A divorce.

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azlotto 3 months ago

In response to “A divorce.

I hear ya bother. (hehe)

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SynysterGates 3 months ago

In response to “I hear ya bother. (hehe)

Lol...Best money I've ever spent.

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azlotto 3 months ago

My laptop. I sit in front of a computer all day at work and the last thing I wanted was to sit in front of one at home, too. So, I fought it tooth and nail and finally, my sister gave me her old one when she replaced it and I got it hooked up - never looked back. I will say, though that I can be away from it for a couple of days and not really miss it. It's good to detach sometimes.

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Linnster 3 months ago

being single

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symplycurious 3 months ago

My phone. My mom made me get one.

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Vrendowl 3 months ago