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Work inspired once again. Doing the right thing can have its rewards, but do not expect them, or get upset if you see another get something for doing the right thing and you do not. Becoming obsessed with being fair in such a situation is damaging to you as a person, because such contempt is only in your heart, not to those you hold it for.

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Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is looking.

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Linnster 6 days ago

In response to “Integrity is doing the right thing even when...

You are correct in this. I was expanding on it without trying to regurgitate what most already know.


Vrendowl 6 days ago

Yes because it's about doing something, even if you really don't want too... even if no one cares ... or worse they're against it.

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Zolfie 5 days ago

I've always found that actions speak louder than words anyhow. Just do your thing, if recognition is deserved, it will come and usually in some astounding ways.

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ForkNdaRoad 9 hrs ago

There is nothing about the ideal of integrity that is cancelled by telling others about it.

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Walt_OReagun 2 hrs ago