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There are so many success stories out there, and while they provide insight, an open mind and innovation for your own path to success should be sought. There is no cookie cutter solution to success. It comes at varying degrees and paces.

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I hate that and also I hate when people think everyone has the same reflexes quick thinking and ability to grasp things. We have the POTENTIAL to change our minds to match that but it takes a lot of busting down barriers we ourselves put up mentally without even realizing

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TomboyJanet 3 months ago

...take the "boy General," George Armstrong Custer for instance.

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Freeranger 3 months ago

I had a successful deer harvest last year

not everyone did

success means different things to different people

time/ effort and money put forthe during trapping season
was nothing brag about.

I did do alittle bit of bragging about the deer

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Neanderthal_Momdoer 3 months ago

That's true. We all need to find what personally works for us, not to mention that we all may have our own idea of what "success" means. There is no method or way to rule them all.

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primeiro 3 months ago

Successful people usually don't know why they are successful. They only know it took a lot of effort. If another man is unable to repeat what they did, they assume he must be lazy.

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that_guy 3 months ago