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Interesting word, futile. I have used that word many times recently. No, sometimes it's best to realize the truth, cut your losses, and move on. Hoping for something that's futile is like carrying rocks in your pockets.

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Stu 2 months ago

In response to “Interesting word, futile. I have used that...

I couldn't have said it better myself.

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Him 2 months ago

Sometimes my hopes turn into reality....never give up hope.

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StarzAbove 2 months ago

You just never know.

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Carla 2 months ago

Hoping is not futile, nor is praying to God daily to thank Him for ALL that you do HAVE and are grateful for... even during the hard times in our lives.

WE can CHOOSE two options.... to either see/view our glass of water as being half full(POSITIVE thoughts) OR choose to see/view our glass of water as being half empty(NEGATIVE thoughts) thus wallowing in self pity and victimhood.

Some of those living in civilized TOLERANT of ALL countries, with us ALL having our own hardships in our lives that we have to deal with, no matter if we are rich or poor, no matter our race, gender, political affiliation or ones sexual orientation...sadly do NOT realize how fortunate they are to be living in their FREE countries, yet complain about stupid sh*t....because they DO NOT HAVE A FREAKIN' CLUE AT ALL about REAL OPPRESSION or know about how awful women and gay people are treated in the Middle East.
Nope instead feminist women living in civilized country's, sadly care more about protesting in the streets to get their "free" abortions and "free" birth control, as women in the Middle East and gay men are are being stoned to death or thrown off buildings in their Muslim countries for being ACCUSED of cheating on their husband or those men being ACCUSED of being gay.

Eh but as usual no outrage from the "tolerant" left about those people... who are TRULY oppressed in the Middle East, smh.

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Gronk17 2 months ago

You have it backwards: If something is futile, there is no hope. Hope only applies when you are expecting something that has been promised.

The law of believing:
1. It has to be available.
2. You have to know how to get it.
3. You have to know what to do with it when you get it.
4. There is always a price of some sort and the price must be paid in full.
5. Go get it!

A lot of very successful people know this law in a shortened form, usually "What do you want? - Go get it!" A lot of unsuccessful crap out at step 4 - they think there should not be a price. And some people never heard of any such thing.

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that_guy 2 months ago

In response to “You have it backwards: If something is...

Further analysis: Your statement exposes your negative believing. You assume from the start that "hope" = "futile" and that is not a valid assumption. But a lot of people don't know that. So your negative believing directs the conversation into negative conclusions that do not agree with reality.


that_guy 2 months ago

Nope, there is nothing wrong with some hope (smile)

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Zolfie 1 month ago