Perishable Foods

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In response to “Me...(hehe)

Me, too!

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trooper 12 days ago


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AliceD 12 days ago

HA HA HA! Welcome back!

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Bozette 12 days ago

In response to “HA HA HA! Welcome back!

Thank you.

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trooper 12 days ago


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trooper 12 days ago

Sock accounts from the same person.

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SynysterGates 12 days ago

My ex wife for one! Also a person who always plays the victim. Get's tiresome.

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Rooster 12 days ago

Stones in my small field. Every spring. Play hell on my blades.

Welcome trooper. Glad you decided to rejoined this troupe.:)

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Carla 12 days ago

customers at wal mart who don't realize i turned my checkout lane light off dammit! look with your eyes SEEE the light is off but everyone else's is on what could that mean hmmmm...

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TomboyJanet 11 days ago