Problem Solving

This could be, for instance, a spiritual awakening or understanding; a change in a recipe; scientific theories; brainstorming solutions. I don't feel slighted for not getting credit for my additional assistance. I do, however, find myself having to be forgiving when someone decides to present or preach my very own ideas back at me later as if they were their own. Makes me later feel kind of grateful that they were listening, and also a touch of happiness that I helped.

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A spiritual awakening... Well... Once upon a time there was a depressed pine tree called Pikey. I showed her some pictures of the other deformed pine trees, some of them were lacking the light or the soil hadn't been ideal for them to grow properly. We had lengthy discussions about the meaning of life, wife, death and breath. I told her, that I needed her to survive in order to sustain life on Earth, as well all know, that preserving the nature is one of the main priorities Mankind has, in order to survive and not die in a Sharktornado attack.

So, I changed the recipe of her favorite dog-piss, by simply taking my neighbor's little Fifi by force and subjecting the goddamn dog to a bunch of medical testing. My neighbor didn't like this very much, but I told her: "Shut your mouth, ****, this is about saving a tree and the Mankind in all its stupidness!" That worked for the time being. No armed forces present, although I had prepared to blow a lot of shit up with a flip of a switch.

Afterwards, Pikey was fine and happy... Fifi still pissed on her, twice or thrice a day, but this time, since the urine had a large amount of LSD in it, the effects were nothing from absolutely wonderfully amazing.

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ZonkeyBalls 2 months ago

In response to “A spiritual awakening... Well... Once upon a...

This has me laughing. You really had me there in the beginning.

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Vrendowl 2 months ago

In response to “This has me laughing. You really had me there...

Good. I hope...

EDIT: Then again, where's the love, love? Naaaaaaaaaasty.

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ZonkeyBalls 2 months ago

In response to “This has me laughing. You really had me there...

Thank you, very much. We have a rugged man over here, with a leaf blower on his back, but there aren't any leaves, so I have absolutely no idea what he is up to. Probably here to assassinate JFK again. This whole building is on a grassy knoll, after all.


ZonkeyBalls 2 months ago

Guide? Illuminate? No, more like help someone understand their own problem or help them cope with a situation

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Sunny_the_skeptic 2 months ago

I've helped a family member figure out a few things, and she never gives me credit for anything.... she pats herself on the back all the time. lol

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StarzAbove 2 months ago

Yes, I've helped lot's of people in a number of different things. Anything from RC airplane building / flying, disciplines at work, handyman stuff - lots of things. And yes, I've overheard them later sharing their new knowledge with others and I'm embarrassed to admit feeling quietly prideful. Mrs. Budwick has seen some of this with the kids, and when the sharing begins, she'll toss a wink my way and I feel ten feet tall.

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Budwick 2 months ago

well the thing is that some people are really jerks and full of themselves and I tend to avoid these types as fast as I can. I also avoid situations that pair me with these individuals

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TomboyJanet 2 months ago