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It was a perk, not a hazard.

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Carla 7 days ago

I'm thinking it was more of an entire life hazard, and not just job. That being said, it's STILL a life hazard now, as people still find ways to abuse others still this day... and easier to gain access to things use as pills that might be helpful in doing it. Always got to watch out and know what's going on around you.

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Zolfie 7 days ago

In response to “I'm thinking it was more of an entire life...

Yes...always. and a sad thing.

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Carla 7 days ago

However, in previous decades employers had to be wary of angry fathers, brothers, and husbands. Legally, their victims had little recourse, but vigilante justice was not an unheard of thing

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trooper 6 days ago

the "good old days" when people were **** and now they are grumpy old people who demand we worship them

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TomboyJanet 5 days ago