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...or, is this one of tomato/potato words where...does it matter? English is so **** up it can grind when someone tries to correct you...and there is Generally someone who Loves to do so....

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How about Me and Thee? That solves a problem. lol

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StarzAbove 2 months ago

grammatically speaking....."you and I."
You can violate for songs and poems.... ;)

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Freeranger 2 months ago

There is a correct way, it's a simple rule, if you leave "you and" out, it should be grammatically correct. I don't generally bother correcting people's grammar, but you asked, so there it is.

"Perhaps [you and] I should go to the beach today."
"Sarah wants to go with [you and] me."

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Maze 2 months ago

The best way to work out if you should be using "you and I" or "you and me" is to take away the "you and" and see if the sentence sounds right with just I or me.

"I should go bowling." Sounds good. "Me should go bowling." Sounds wrong! "You and I should go bowling." is

"This bowling ball hates me." Sounds good. "This bowling ball hates I." Is wrong! "Those pins seem to hate you and me." is correct.

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Tanor_Faux 2 months ago