I am on a mission. I cannot speak of it, since I am currently typing. It is not grandiose, but important to me.

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My school teacher's all said i was a disruptive influence
My bosses have said i'm a disruptive influence. Actually just today my boss took my aside and wants to move me within the office yet again because i was reported as talking to someone and talking is forbidden while working.
So it seems the best i can do is to just stay out of other people's way. I feel i can offer more though, but school, work, potential relationships have never been interested in me at my best. People want others to conform and view nervously anyone who thinks outside the square or is different. People like others to fit in but no matter how hard i try, it doesn't seem to work.

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OzSurfer 13 days ago

In response to “My school teacher's all said i was a...

"... thinks outside the square..." I hear that phrase being used instead of "think outside the box" and it makes me wonder why. Clearly it's being propagated in media, mostly British media, that's where I heard it first, and that makes me think it's being done for for social control, because that's what the establishment media specializes in.

A box is a pretty apt description for limited thought because it's a rigid container, a square is just a shape, so it has no inherent limiting characteristics.

Box only has one basic description (in polite conversation), but square can mean a few things. There's the public square, "thinking outside the square" could potentially refer to thinking outside mass consensus rather than transcending your own limits. Square is also old slang for someone who is prudent and reserved, so there's an element of rebellion against prudence in thinking outside the square. Square also can refer to fairness, like a square deal, or accuracy, like a square corner.

So there are a whole bunch of other little subtle socially controlling meanings included the phrase "think outside the square" that aren't present in "think outside the box."

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Maze 13 days ago

Everybody IRL treats me like I'm not real, so I hang out on internet forums and wow people with my insightful opinions.

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that_guy 13 days ago

I wish everyone knew what I know about climate and how we've been altering it.

I was in Air Cadets when I was younger and as part of that, I studied weather.

One of the central factors in the way weather behaves is ground cover. When the sun shines, some surfaces get hot easily, like asphalt, roofs and open ground - other surfaces never get hot - like water, swamp and mature forest. Large surfaces that get hot produce what's known as 'thermals,' rising columns of hot air. By circling in a thermal, a glider can gain altitude, so being able to identify the conditions that result in a thermal enables a pilot to stay aloft longer.

If you take a look at Google Earth, you can see that the earth's forests are riddled with clear cuts, it doesn't matter where you look, they're all a patchwork of cuts. This has made big changes to the way sunlight meets the surface of the planet. Where once old growth forest sucked up almost every bit of light, now fields bake in tropical sun, and pour that heat into the atmosphere via thermals. There are thermals happening all over the place where they never used to be.

How could that NOT change the climate?

On top of that, CO2 isn't causing species loss and habitat destruction, deforestation is doing that. So rather than spending a lot of time and money fighting CO2, I'd suggest focusing on saving and restoring the forests instead. It will pay much larger dividends.

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Maze 13 days ago

In response to “I wish everyone knew what I know about...

Feed animals. The methane, the fields to hold them, the fields to feed them.

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Carla 13 days ago

In response to “?

About 70 billion feed animals are consumed each year. One third of the grains grown are to feed these animals.
They have been clearcutting here with impunity. Taking out windbreaks, ignoring the natural water drainage. Planting gmo based crops, spraying all sorts of chemicals for fertilizing and pests. I was agreeing with you about deforestation.

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Carla 13 days ago

In response to “About 70 billion feed animals are consumed...

Oh I see, thanks. All the things you described are bad, but taking out windbreaks is particularly serious, a lot of them were strategically planted to stop the dust bowl of the 30s, they've been working thus far, but if they go, there will probably be another dust bowl at some point.

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Maze 13 days ago

In response to “Oh I see, thanks. All the things you...

Yes. My mother lived through that in the texas panhandle.
My family and friends discuss that becoming a real issue. When it was dry this spring, before they started those big walking waterers, driving past the working fields is a guaranteed dust storm IN the car.
And....they are all corporate farms. Bought up 1000's of acres, on top of what they already have. Government subsidies funding most of it.

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Carla 12 days ago

In response to “I wish everyone knew what I know about...


I'm with you on this Maze. I've been a member of for many years. Initially to get a deal on baby trees. But, they do good work in educating and reforesting.

My yard is pretty full of trees now. I maintain my membership to support them.

I recently found a heartwarming story about a man that has been planting hundreds of trees on an Indian island threatened by erosion in India. You might find it inspiring.

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Budwick 13 days ago

In response to “TESTIFY! I'm with you on this Maze. I've...

They say all roads lead to wisdom, and what brought the lesson home for me was when I removed all the trees from my yard.

My home was surrounded by large, poorly placed, unkempt trees. They provided great shade in the summer, but made me nervous when it would get windy. So I decided to take them all out and replant new ones of the right species in the right places.

Well wow did it ever get hot in my yard, absolutely night and day difference. It really showed me how much trees effect the climate, because I had dramatically changed the climate of my yard.

The seedlings I planted have grown into decent sized trees now, so my yard has become more comfortable, but I'll never forget that experience.

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Maze 13 days ago

In response to “They say all roads lead to wisdom, and what...

Our yard had old some majestic trees. Age, disease, storms took down many of them. One in particular, a really old girl, big red oak. It had to be 5' in diameter. It took three separate storms to take her down. She had three huge limbs that branched out - starting about 25 feet up the trunk. Over a period of seven years, three separate storms took out a limb. It was really sad - she was older than me! No more acorns!

She left an acorn that I noticed sprouting. I've nurtured the seedling, now about 6 feet high as thick as a finger maybe.

But, we've planted maples, cedars, arborvitae, spruce, fir as well. And, we make sure to supplement the squirrel and chipmunk diets with seeds and nuts. They reward us with hours of entertainment just by coming to eat.

The rain forest thing is a big deal. They're taking too much too fast. As a wood worker I make sure that the wood I use is either from a dead fall trees [trees fallen from natural causes] and certainly only sustainable species. BONUS - I get to spread the news with every project made, given, donated. I love and respect the woods. I try to honor the tree when I make something from it. [I know - it sounds ****, but it's important to me.]

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Budwick 13 days ago

In response to “TESTIFY! I'm with you on this Maze. I've...

Great documentary btw, thanks for sharing it.

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Maze 12 days ago

In response to “Great documentary btw, thanks for sharing it.

You bet! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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Budwick 12 days ago

In response to “I wish everyone knew what I know about...

I used to fly gliders when I was 15 - 16. It was anazing learning to read the ground to understand thermassl so I can see what you’re saying.

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OzSurfer 12 days ago

First, do no harm.

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trooper 12 days ago

I think we took a big step backward lately. This deregulating is not going to help. Look we just want to live in a clean place that looks nice. Can't we even have that anymore? no? money is that important that everything has to take a sidetrack?

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TomboyJanet 11 days ago

I put a brick in my swimming pool to reduce water consumption.

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that_guy 8 days ago