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No one really knows, but it's happening so frequently now that it seems to have replaced school shootings as the means to call for attention.

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Linnster 2 months ago

In response to “No one really knows, but it's happening so...

Deflection. I'll own to it. Will you?
Is it always others who'll disappoint?


Chuck_Tom 2 months ago

In response to “Deflection. I'll own to it. Will you? Is it...

No deflection - I said no one really knows anything other than what you choose to share with them. If you don't tell anyone that you're hurting, how can they help? We are not mind-readers. No, it isn't others who disappoint. Sometimes, you set a goal for yourself and don't meet it which means you've disappointed yourself.


Linnster 2 months ago

Certainly not me...

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ForkNdaRoad 2 months ago

some extra stuff about Anthony:

Anthony Bourdain
✔ @Bourdain

Replying to @jeffhulme @talleststone

..and I am in no way an HRC fan. I’ve been on the receiving end of her operatives’ wrath. And it ain’t fun,


Anthony Bourdain
✔ @Bourdain

know what Hillary Clinton is NOT? She's not stupid. Or unsophisticated about the world. The Weinstein stories had been out there for years

7:40 PM - Oct 11, 2017


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Haunting. Bourdain was found Friday after reportedly hanging himself.

It’s no secret that people who cross the Clinton’s wind up dead … mostly from suicide. Just this week, famous designer and Clinton Foundation member, Kate Spade reportedly killed herself. Spade hung herself as well, NYPD officials said. Are Spade’s and Bourdain’s deaths both coincidences?

Seems beyond suspicious. The last thing we need are more conspiracy stories but any good detective would question what has transpired this week.

Something here is amiss.

Back in October of 2017, CNN’s Bourdain made statements regarding Harvey Weinstein, suggesting Hillary Clinton had to know of his history of being a sexual predator. Bourdain’s girlfriend, actress Asia Argento, accused Weinstein of raping her.

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Neanderthal_Momdoer 2 months ago

Until you have a problem and talk to someone about it, you never realize other people have problems...

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JD 2 months ago

Yes. There is sadness and despair behind many smiles. It's not the kind of thing people wish to burden others with by talking about it, very often.

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Piper2 2 months ago

I also had a similar post on this - I included darling Kate sad.

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Sukiesnow 2 months ago

That's very true. Sometimes those that seem the happiest, who seem to have everything going for them, are the ones in the most pain. No one knows what another person is going through.

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StarzAbove 2 months ago