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What's funny is I went to school with a guy named Carol, only he spelled it Carroll. He was good looking, a jock and no one bullied him. lol And I also knew a woman from church named Love. lol lol

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StarzAbove 3 months ago

gods i hate bon jovi...but this was a good one!!!!!

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astral_queen 3 months ago

Ha Ha Ha!!

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Will_Janitor 3 months ago

Wait but where did you get the name carol from :P so random!!

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TomboyJanet 3 months ago

In response to “Wait but where did you get the name carol...

I don't know, it's my sister's joke so I just told it how she told me. But I had the same question lol


vividlyprosaic 2 months ago

That was a really long set up for a so-so joke.

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Rembio 2 months ago

Funny names 8:00 -- "A boy named Odd" 9:20

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that_guy 2 months ago

In response to “Funny names 8:00 -- "A boy named Odd"...

This was great LOL

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vividlyprosaic 2 months ago

John Wayne's given name was Marion. But the one that people always apologize for is Pauline Weaver. He lived and died before that melodrama "Perils of Pauline" made it an exclusively feminine name.

Weaver's Needle, Arizona

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that_guy 2 months ago