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But which journalist?

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You said it..."If".
That's why you don't see any running for president.

None of them want to be on the receiving end of the shit storm they hand out.

Journalists want recognition and ratings...doesn't matter if the truth is there or not.

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DandyDon 9 days ago

In my opinion, the 24 hr cable news stations have been the death of real journalism. There is only so much real news, so they fill the time with opinions and panels of people with more opinions.
Print journalism was much more honest, it didn't have a 2 minute window and they could really cover a story in depth.

As for running for President. Only a narcissist would ever run for that job, as they think they are smart enough to solve all the countries problems?

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Flrdsgns 9 days ago

Journalists demanding truth?..Wahahahaha!
Here's some truth to those demanding, self-righteous "journalists" -

Journalism has died an untimely death, and YOU murdered it in the first degree.
You drowned it in your preferred ideo-political stances and worldviews...and you KNOW you are guilty..Yet you don't really give one damn because you can push your preferred political agenda on the dumb masses...Unfortunate it is.

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_Howler_ 9 days ago

The journalists I've listened to do tell the truth. All four news casts can't be wrong. Maybe it's who they are reporting on who is the liars.

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StarzAbove 8 days ago

Sure, why not. I nominate Jake Tapper! I doubt if he has any desire or aspiration to do so, but I'm nominating him anyway...

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Piper2 8 days ago

I think they are pretty good.

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Sukiesnow 8 days ago

Most are failing at being journalists, let's not float any rash suggestions.

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ForkNdaRoad 8 days ago

They couldn't make it through the background checks, at least not the ones in the past four years. They were MIA for the vetting of the previous administration.

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ozzyboy 8 days ago

If journalists demand whaaat...?   TRUTH?!

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Thinkerbell 7 days ago