War and Peace

The first thing I want to say is that, these amateur fekkin' relic hunters are totally crazy, and are taking ENORMOUS risk!....as you'll see below. I mean, If you do not understand how totally dangerous it is to pick up ordinance off a battlefield, particularly ordinance that has been made destabilized over decades of exposure to the elements.....and you then decide to pick it up....you deserve to get your **** separated from your torso. That said, I have to admit a total fascination to what relic hunters DO unearth....particularly the stuff they've recovered on the Russian and Eastern Europe battlefields. This is like the statement that it's hard not to watch a train wreck. With that all said....I'd appreciate an educated thought. Are they grave robbers, or amateur sleuths bringing history to light? The question is being perpetually argued.

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Dangerous but fascinating.

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Rooster 3 months ago

I wouldn't call Esmits or Legenda "grave robbers" or "war profiteers", as they seem to be doing it for admirable reasons. Those who simply rob the graves for a buck are a different matter.

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Bozette 3 months ago