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Daughters of the Night SkyA novel--inspired by the most celebrated regiment in the Red Army--about a woman's sacrifice...

I just picked this up last week and had trouble putting it down. I think a lot of our independent women would find it very interesting too. :)

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Yes, they called them : The Night Witches. I haven't read that particular book but I know about them and their night raids. We even incorporated them into one of our DLCs. Panzerkrieg.

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Rooster 9 days ago

Thanks for the tip ... I will check it out! (a)

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JanHaskell 9 days ago

By extension buddy, I have to wonder if anyone has published a book on the female Soviet snipers of WWII. Those women were freakin' deadly.

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Freeranger 9 days ago

In response to “By extension buddy, I have to wonder if...

There was one called Pretty Birds about the Serbs and Muslims, but I haven't seen one for the WWII era.

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Will_Janitor 9 days ago

Had to shoot them down! LOL

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Rooster 9 days ago

In response to “Had to shoot them down!...

holy shit bud...just nyet

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Freeranger 9 days ago

In response to “holy shit bud...just nyet

The Luftwaffe prevailed!

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Rooster 9 days ago

WW II has fascinated me since I was a kid, it sounds like a good read. Thanks, Will.

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Bozette 9 days ago

Thanks Will, sounds like something I would like. There are a lot of strong women in his world.

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StarzAbove 9 days ago

I'm not sure I'd qualify as a WWII buff, but I've enjoyed the fact-based literature I've read concerning it. I appreciate the recommendation.

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Piper2 9 days ago

Biggles was the true hero of my childhood.

And he was a fictional character.

I'm just glad, that choppers can land with the auto. That's both a curse and a blessing.

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ZonkeyBalls 8 days ago