Never seen this at this time of year before!

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I don't remember your location. I have the heat on again today, but the sun is shining.

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LorraineTwevlehundredRaineTwelvehundred 3 months ago

No idea, it's really nice here, gonna get to 75 ish today, sunny and no clouds.

Probably becasue we were on a witch hunt and the wicked witch is punishing you. (hehe)

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SynysterGates 3 months ago

It's been cloudy/rainy for the past three days here in NYC and the prediction is for more of the same through Sunday. Frankly, I'm much happier with the cooler temps (60s), eve if it is rainy. I can't stand the heat.

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Linnster 3 months ago

Weird isn't it? Your clouds and junky weather are even drifting down to affect us.

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Flrdsgns 3 months ago

In response to “Weird isn't it? Your clouds and junky...

Strangest year I've ever seen weatherwise!

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Rooster 3 months ago

Yesterday we were sunbathing in warm glorious sunshine and today it's cold and windy....

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JD 3 months ago

We just had 2 weeks of rain but now it is really nice.

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Will_Janitor 3 months ago

Oh's climate change! (omg)

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Bozette 3 months ago

It's already hitting 90's and 100 here.

Spring went by like a popcorn fart..

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DandyDon 3 months ago

Been raining here all week...The ground is so wet, the earthworms are committing mass suicide on my driveway.

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azlotto 3 months ago

You could move to Yuma County, Arizona. It looks like this all the time:

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that_guy 3 months ago

In response to “You could move to Yuma County, Arizona. It...

Or Blanding, Utah. No evidence of any natural disaster, ever:

No trees, poor soil, no way to earn a living except by catering to tourists headed for Four Corners. But by god it's safe!

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that_guy 3 months ago

Air conditioner on during the day... furnace on at night.

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Chuck_Tom 2 months ago