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Sandals with socks, pants hiked up under your armpits, white patent leather loafers, skinny pants on men and most women, leggings on women who are fluffy, face piercings on men and/or women.

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Linnster 3 months ago

In response to “Sandals with socks, pants hiked up under your...

Why do people get bent out of shape about sandals with sox? In case you didn't know, many people grow calluses, bunions and other hurties on their feet and they just can't tolerate what you consider an acceptable fad.

Example: If you wear thong sandals instead of shoes, dust will stick to a spot under your big toe. That forms a depression where the dust is concentrated. The skin on your toe grows thick and hard, which we call "callus". It feels like walking on a rock all the time. There are various ways to get rid of the callus, but it will grow back if you don't find a way to prevent it. You can buy new thongs every week or so, but that gets old real fast.

Wearing sox prevents the sweat on the foot from combining with the dust on the sandal, so the callus which is so difficult to remove will not grow back.

If you wear sandals a lot, you might also notice that they tug on the little hairs that grow thinly on your feet. You can shave your feet, or you can wear sox. Wearing sox also prevents abrasion.

You ddn't know any of that, did you?


that_guy 3 months ago

In response to “Why do people get bent out of shape about...

Thanks for the explanation. Most people (who don't wear socks with sandals) wear them so their feet are cooler in the warm weather. If you wear socks, you're defeating the purpose. Personally, I don't care for sandals because I don't like my feet exposed to the dirt of NYC so I always wear closed shoes. I see women wearing flip flops and open back sandals and the bottoms of their feet look like they haven't been washed in ages.

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Linnster 3 months ago