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Where would I ever begin? Government day-care payments that end up being registered for non-existent enrollee's.....unaccounted for cash flow that ends up going to finance terrorism....and a new nifty word you're going to learn----"hawalas," or, as Interpol describes it, "money transfers without money movement," an alternative remittance channel that exists outside of traditional banking systems. So, if you're wondering how the idyllic [cough, cough] "star of the North"---or Minnesota now contains those channeling literally millions through daycare and heavens knows who else to ISIS and others terrorists, outrage yourself with the link below.

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I think I'll wait to believe this when a legitimate news agency reports this. Both Ed Morrissey and allahpundit are conservative bloggers and not known for investigative journalism.

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Flrdsgns 3 months ago

In response to “I think I'll wait to believe this when a...

You may scoff at Fox, too, but I find when local news stations (of whatever flavor) do a 5-month, in-depth investigation into local happenings, there's generally some actual investigative journalism involved as they compete on a local level. There are local daycares under investigation by the government, at least one person has already been convicted, and there is face-to-face verification by state and federal government officials on the video news report that this is happening.

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Bozette 3 months ago