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Taking advantage of people, literally conning people.

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ForkNdaRoad 4 months ago

That he had the best words.

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Chuck_Tom 4 months ago

How much they've lied.

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SynysterGates 4 months ago

In response to “How much they've lied.

No one lies more than me.

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VicZinc 4 months ago

I dont remember. Stuff like that usually doesnt stick with me for long.

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Carla 4 months ago

When I had my video shops ..I was buying some films from a friend of a friend...went to his house and I had to wait for him and there were around ten guys sitting around waiting..while we waited they were all chatting and it got to a scarey bit where they were talking about how many each one had killed....never felt comfortable

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JD 4 months ago

In response to “When I had my video shops ..I was buying some...

Did you ever get confirmation that they weren't talking about human beings?

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ProdigalSon 4 months ago

In response to “Did you ever get confirmation that they...

They were talking about real people....

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JD 4 months ago

That they could stand and in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot someone, and wouldn't lose voters.

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Piper2 4 months ago

Joe Ward bragging about how long his **** was.

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JerryHendrickson 4 months ago

That he bought a 1 gallon can of chilli for one dollar and ate the whole thing in one sitting. I just quickly backed away to a safe distance. Ha!

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Will_Janitor 4 months ago

Lack of Cell Phone and/or lack of Cell Phone use!
I met a gentlemen that was bragging that he doesn't have a cell phone (which I thought made him look stupid, but he seemed to act like it was a huge sign of bravery). But one might need a cell phone for emergencies at minimum.

Another guy, had a cell phone, but bragged that he he would never answer it (and I had to call him at times... and he told the truth, he never did answer it).


My first thought was lawyer Rudy Giuliani ... bragging, while he (reportedly) tried to defend a client (Trump)... Rudy was bragging that the rumored mid-level illegal activity couldn't of been done... why is this odd? Because Rudy was suggesting it couldn't be done because something even more illegal was done... and Rudy either didn't know that was illegal, or didn't realize was too into bragging, that he didn't realize what he was suggesting.

Of course, he came back and tried to spin it... but it was pretty clear what he meant the first time.

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Zolfie 4 months ago