New Rule: Married to the Mob | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)Subscribe to the Real Time YouTube: In his editorial New Rule, Bill...
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Are Bill Maher's remarks spot-on biting or ridiculously bitter?

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Oh, man.....
How else could anyone with eyes see it?

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Carla 3 months ago

In response to “Oh, man..... How else could anyone with eyes...

How... not see it?

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Chuck_Tom 3 months ago

In response to “How... //not// see it?

It was early for me.

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Carla 3 months ago

I like to watch his show. I may not always agree but the guy is good at getting some good laughs. Spot on biting. LOL

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Rooster 3 months ago

I gotta catch up i missed the last 4

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TomboyJanet 3 months ago

"How did the salt of the Earth people get mixed up with the salt in the wound people?"

They were sick of the incumbent Establishment liars, Bill, as you well know, even if your foolish audience doesn't. So they gave the other liars a chance.

BTW, Maher isn't always quite so disingenuous. (hehe)

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Thinkerbell 3 months ago

Yeah, oh that Maher.

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Piper2 3 months ago