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Admires me for the wrong reasons.

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DWF 4 months ago

He won't tell me...I still owe him $30.

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DandyDon 4 months ago

Perhaps not so much what they think as what they might wonder.

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Freeranger 4 months ago

Beats me! I'll have to axe him sometime.

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Rooster 4 months ago

Looks like you accomplished your goals. Yay!!!!

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StarzAbove 4 months ago

How did I live this long?😊

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Will_Janitor 4 months ago

She's a little miffed that I never learned to fly a plane and haven't traveled more .... but she's pretty satisfied with the life I've made. (She's also stunned that I'm 70, and I am too!)

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JanHaskell 4 months ago

You would have to ask her. I lost contact with her a long time ago.

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Tiffanee 4 months ago

He's disappointed In some ways and proud in others. The younger me is just like the younger everyone else that doesn't have mental illness.

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JerryHendrickson 4 months ago

Proud, disgusted and nodding.

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DW2 3 months ago

Much more sensible

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Blewynanifail 3 months ago

she thinks its surprising that im living the dream, let alone living in the first place!!!

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astral_queen 3 months ago

Damn, you got old.

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JustJimColo 3 months ago

Where did the years go....

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JD 3 months ago

Sometimes I want to find my inner child and beat her little ****😊

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BarbOBarr 3 months ago

There's still room for improvement - I'm still working on that.

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PartyOfOne 3 months ago

“You’ve sure bloomed!”

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Masha 3 months ago

I'm pretty cool because I have a car, but I am also lame because I no longer dye my hair funky colors

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vividlyprosaic 3 months ago

WTF happened??

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Chuck_Tom 2 months ago