Girls vs Boys

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Sorry, guys....she's taken (hehe)

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Him 11 days ago

Bringing it up in the midst of a discussion about women's issues is just another form of "whataboutism".

It's always deflect, distract, and derail...that way you don't have to talk about something you don't want to talk about. That way you can ignore a problem and behave as if that's the same thing as solving it.

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Logan 11 days ago

I recently attended a two day workshop about male victims of domestic violence. It was very enlightening. One of the topics that came up is that male victims of DV are often brought to attention just to derail conversations about DV toward women. This has done little to help bring awareness, as many people (professionals, even) take this attempt to derail as evidence that DV toward men is a myth. Very interesting! 🤔I do agree with you 100% though.

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vividlyprosaic 6 days ago

Rurite? I'm not even sure what you said.

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that_guy 4 days ago