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None that I can think of to be honest. I'm not superstitious in any way!

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Rooster 3 months ago

Nothing. Superstitions belong to the distant past.

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Chuck_Tom 3 months ago

None for me.

Maybe this song. Good ole Canadian band

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SynysterGates 3 months ago

I believe if 27 stupid people cross your path in a single day, bad luck is imminent. :)

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DW2 3 months ago

I grew up with the old adage. Whistling girls and crowing hens, always come to a bad end. When I catch myself bragging, I stop immediately.

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BarbOBarr 2 months ago

If I sneeze three times in a row, I'm 100% getting sick... though it's almost true, and not sure a superstition.

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Zolfie 2 months ago