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T-Rex with some curry and onion rings.

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ZonkeyBalls 3 months ago

Don't really have any, for breakfast..

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DandyDon 3 months ago

Shit on a shingle with scrambled eggs.

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Will_Janitor 3 months ago

In response to “Shit on a shingle with scrambled eggs...

“Tastes better than it sounds,” said my granddad, a Marine.

Had SOS for breakfast quite a lot as a kid, ever calling it “sauce” since that’s technically what it was. The many military in my family had a love-hate relationship with the dish. I’d add Tabasco and make, you guessed it, hot SOS.

As for the full name? To me, that’s yeast-extract spread, aka Marmite, on toast. I thought it literally tasted like shit.

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Masha 3 months ago

In response to ““Tastes better than it sounds,”...

I agree with you and your grand dad. It also sticks to your ribs as a pretty heavy breakfast. 😊

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Will_Janitor 3 months ago

You nailed it. Just needs some mustard. Peanut butter, pickles and mustard.

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VicZinc 3 months ago

In response to “You nailed it. Just needs some mustard...

you aren't pregnant are ya Vic (hehe)

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symplycurious 3 months ago

I love potato chips and a glass of milk. lol

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StarzAbove 3 months ago

I don't really have any, even when I was pregnant I didn't crave weird shit

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symplycurious 3 months ago

Sour cream. I use it a whole lot. Though specifically Sour cream with Fritos.

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DW2 3 months ago

Hot sauce on a lot of things...))

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Masha 3 months ago

Potted meat on saltine crackers with olives...It's a salt slap in the face, but I like it.

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azlotto 3 months ago