A civil war lasting for seven years... Soon, there won't be anyone left to rule over... Bas-tard!

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The term "civil war" refers to an internal war between opposing factions from within a country. The Syrian war has been fomented, fought, and funded by others sticking their noses in from the beginning. Cui bono?

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Bozette 3 months ago

These middle eastern countries are not civilized and throughout history there have been wars...they don't know how to live differently and the heads of states realize they can rule these people how they want and they become dictators who think nothing of killing their own people...

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JD 3 months ago

Everyone should get the hell out and leave the different Syrian factions to their own devices.Assad might be disliked by everyone except the Russians but prior to 2011 Syria was a beautiful peaceful country not withstanding any shananegins their leader may have been up to.Top Gear filmed there around 2009.If Assad is removed no one knows who will be in power and whoever it might be they wouldn't be universally popular.Not worth starting a World War over.

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Blewynanifail 3 months ago

There will never be peace in those countries, war is their life. I just hope Trump doesn't decide to get us into that war, more Americans will die, and for what? Another dictator will just step in and take over.

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StarzAbove 3 months ago

A war over natural gas.

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Creamcrackered 3 months ago

Yeah, I get it. As in many countries in that part of the world, it's a question of do we want THEIR swine or OUR swine?

There will be a swine there in any case.

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Thinkerbell 3 months ago