After the shooting at Parkland, Trump was in favor of raising the age limit to purchase an AR-15. He said other members of Congress were afraid to go against the NRA. Then the NRA comes out against raising the age limit and Trump quickly agrees with them and changes his stance. Why is Trump afraid of the NRA?

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I wondered about that, too... It seems as if he now realizes the point most people have been trying to make all these years...

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Sukiesnow 6 months ago

He hasn't, unfortunately.

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Bozette 6 months ago

Throwing tantrums on twitter 3 in the morn' (hehe)
Gotta love our president
God bless America

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fuzala 6 months ago

If the media likes the pres he can do anything wrong even when he blames Benghazi on a video. If the media doesn't like the pres

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Will_Janitor 6 months ago

you don't play chess well do you....

best cookie ever

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Neanderthal_Momdoer 6 months ago

Yea, he says a lot of things. There are not a lot of consequences. As he once said, "I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn't lose voters".

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PhilboydStudge 6 months ago

He's scared to death of them, especially when they threaten to cut off his campaign money. Trump is a very weak, wishy-washy person, who will agree with one group and then back stab them whenever he gets a chance. But, that's what liars do, isn't it?

Also, he's scared of Putin and what Putin has on him. That's why he won't say anything bad about the Russians, even when England's prime minister has denounced them. She has more strength in her little finger than Trump has in his entire body. He's been very quiet about the two people that are hospitalized by an unknown substance, and the Russian who was against Putin, who was found dead this week. Still Trump refused to say anything anti-Putin. Putin could storm our shores and Trump wouldn't say one thing to defend Americans. Shame on him.

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StarzAbove 6 months ago

Yes, of course he is scared of the NRA. They donated millions of dollars of blood money to his campaign and he is not about to bite the hand that feeds him.

He got out of line with those earlier comments and they had to slap him back in.

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dru18 6 months ago