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As long as I was at least 20 years younger? Hell yes I would trade!

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Rooster 6 months ago


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Bub 6 months ago would end at the virtual bathroom...

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DandyDon 6 months ago

That's what we have now, minus, for many,the perfect. By the way the perfect is there we just have to let it be.

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VicZinc 6 months ago

In response to “That's what we have now, minus, for many,the...

Too many will never have access to the possibilities for perfection


Bub 6 months ago

No, I wouldn't be able to do that. As much as I enjoy the sleeping dreams I have, sometimes, the reality that there are are beings who depend on me here and now, would prevent choosing a so-called "perfect" virtual reality.

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Piper2 6 months ago

If there were single people, sure.

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OzSurfer 6 months ago

Never. The imperfections and realness are what make me appreciate those times that seem "perfect". Without there being any speed bumps I like to think that my brain would be quick not to trust it.

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ProdigalSon 6 months ago

that's literally the matrix, so nah

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Trish 6 months ago