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I have a little piece of Olympic intrigue to run past you all. Like some of you, I'm sitting here tonight watching the Olympic opening ceremonies from South Korea. As we know, the two Koreas have combined for this world event in a sign of tenuous detente. Then, the thought struck me. As we know, Kim Jong Un has sent his own sister to the Olympic Games to be his personal representative. Not far away sits Mike Pence along with the parents of the young university student who died in captivity in North Korea-----a seating arrangement that was not pure happenstance I'm quite sure. We also know of Kim Jong Un's barbarity.....in which in no small part, he is perfectly comfortable killing members of his own immediate family, which last year, included an uncle who was high up in the military chain. As I sat there watching the ceremony unfold, I had this thought strike me. What "IF" he assassinates his own sister at the games while she is in South Korea, and makes it look like it was carried out by the South Koreans?! Possible? I say hell yah. What if?? Share your thoughts on such a plot and it's repercussions. Talk about grist for a book.

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Do we *really* even know that is his sister?

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Carla 6 months ago

In response to “Do we *really* even know that is his sister?

We "common" people? No. However, I'm sure our intelligence community does and would leak it.

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Freeranger 6 months ago

Sounds like a job for Mitch Rapp, Jack Ryan, and Dewey Andreas all together. :)

The Olympics always show the best part humans in peaceful competition. Now if we don't turn on the news we can have happy dreams tonight. 😉

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Will_Janitor 6 months ago

In response to “Sounds like a job for Mitch Rapp, Jack Ryan...

Add Scot Harvath and Pike Logan and the job would get done, for sure!

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Rooster 6 months ago

In response to “Sounds like a job for Mitch Rapp, Jack Ryan...

Right. I posed the question only because the news continually fans this flame about war with Korea. And, then I began to think about preemption, which I feel that little mad man is wholly capable of.
As I pondered it further I began to see how plausible it could become, and what better time or place than in a public arena right on your back doorstep.
It does sound far fetched I know, but when you consider the recent past execution of his Uncle who was so far up the North Korean chain of command AND coupled with the assassination of his brother Kim Jong-nam at the airport in Kuala Lampur....I felt it was not above a certain realm of possibility.

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Freeranger 6 months ago

In response to “Right. I posed the question only because the...

It's a logical question. That's the problem with dealing with Kim. He doesn't seem to be logical or even looking out for his best interest.

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Will_Janitor 6 months ago

Little Sis is the head of the propaganda office for NOKO. I doubt Kim would trust anyone but family to do that. But still, it is a plausible theory. And we are talking about a guy who murders people on a whim...for grievances real or imagined.

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Dar 6 months ago