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If I was lost in my local area, maybe I would survive for a month mostly due to water if I didn't get bitten by a snake etc, but things to eat like native berries etc, there's like 23 varieties in my local area and about 18 of them are poisonous as well as seasonal.

Night times would be horrible due to bugs and snakes in summer

If it was winter, my fire making skills suck so I'd probably die of hypothermia.

From a dietary perspective the word "ketosis" comes to mind (eek)

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OzSurfer 8 days ago

I think I would do just fine. Wilderness? Survived the jungle,wilderness would be much easier! Not a problem for me.

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Rooster 8 days ago

In response to “I think I would do just fine. Wilderness?...

If I ever get lost, I hope you're around! (hehe)

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JanHaskell 7 days ago

Yes, I believe I could. I always have a lighter, and when walking the woods, my leatherman. I think I'd be alright.

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Carla 7 days ago

I believe I could survive for a while .... the duration would depend upon the fishing and edible vegetation plus the brutality of the weather conditions.

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JanHaskell 7 days ago

Depends on the weather and terrain, but most likely yes.

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Will_Janitor 7 days ago

I would survive...I love living...

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JD 7 days ago

I love fishing have an emergency fishing kit so food would be taken care of.

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Metal_god14 7 days ago

This is my shelter lol.

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Metal_god14 7 days ago

it's where I live

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Neanderthal_Momdoer 6 days ago

i think so

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JAYCEE54 6 days ago

I highly doubt it :(

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Bub 6 days ago

They cover for each other so we may never know this for sure

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LorraineTwevlehundredRaineTwelvehundred 5 days ago


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Trish 2 days ago

With Credit cards, a car, and nearby grocery store, Sure, could get along just fine (a)

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Flrdsgns 2 days ago

Probably not.

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