Well, does it? LOLZ

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Not at all but it happens like to the parents of the 5 year old that slapped my **** at work and tried to trip my coworkers, only to laugh and not apologize: Control your kid!

This is how people grow up to be douchebags, praising tiny **** behavior because you think it’s cute.

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Tiffanee 7 months ago

Nah, but I'm a French-Irish IP (inconsiderate ****) (hehe)

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SynysterGates 7 months ago

Or italhole. I reckon it depends on the region.

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Carla 7 months ago

Growing up I had many assholian friends.. Infact I had one as a brother-in-law (he died). Not always fun to be around but good to have on your side in a fight. Now that I think about it, I think they started most of those fights.

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PhilboydStudge 7 months ago

Lol...I guess so. You're the flying spaghetti monster that farts.

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azlotto 7 months ago

It do!

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Bub 7 months ago

I don't believe the world is infested with Assolians
it's just they are placed in just such a way where one meets up with them every day

when leaving the house

one must be prepared

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Neanderthal_Momdoer 7 months ago

Ouch, lol.
Education depends also on the good or bad example given by the family.


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Marianne 7 months ago