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My ex was pretty nice, we ended up splitting because our paths just kept separating and we saw each other even less.

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Sunny_the_skeptic 7 months ago

Sometimes I suppose. My ex and I actually get along pretty good most of the time and I'm always polite. Since she quit drinking? She's almost human again! I'm sorry but she doesn't make me doubt my sanity. She did at one time but not any more. We've moved on with our lives and life is good now. Yours will be in time also.

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Rooster 7 months ago

I got along with my ex for 14 years in our 16 year marriage. She did doubt my own sanity during and after the divorce, but not anymore. I'm drama free from her. Dead or alive I could not care a less.
That chapter is closed and the book has been burnt ... I've moved on .

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SynysterGates 7 months ago

That happens - but not always.

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Marianne 7 months ago

An ex girlfriend of mine cheated on me with my best friend so for me there is no forgiving or forgetting that and the pain and hurt I felt but I moved on and have a great woman in my life now she is the best.

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Metal_god14 7 months ago

An "ex", is so many different things to so many different people. To some, an ex is the one that got away and to others, the ex is someone they are so happy they escaped. I don't have any bad feelings about any ex girlfriends. We had our time together and then we both moved on, looking for the "one".

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JustJimColo 7 months ago

It depends on which one. Most were excellent and a couple were huge mistakes that made me wonder if I must be crazy.

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JerryHendrickson 7 months ago

In response to “It depends on which one. Most were excellent...

I found out that I wasn’t the one who was crazy, they do make you feel that way though.

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Rose_Bud 7 months ago

In response to “I found out that I wasn’t the one who...

Well yeah, when they put you on the ultimate emotional roller-coaster ride from Hell. I've only had 2 bad ones like that. The rest were all awesome and still are.

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JerryHendrickson 7 months ago

I loved someone so dearly I just wished he hadn’t take it for granted, he was selfish. My eyes see clearer now.

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Rose_Bud 7 months ago

Looking back at one of my exes ( the Psychotic **** that he was )
I think one can reclaim back some sense of sanity after some length of time.

or.....maybe not

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Darkest_Serenity 7 months ago

The two were insanely sane, clearheaded and had a purpose to go forward with.

I haven't had ** in ten years. Not to say, that there wasn't a lot of pussy trying to introduce themselves. I just didn't feel like it. I don't, if I ever will. I'm a idiot, ** of a brain-child, always thinking I'm better than... Well.. Anyone else? I must die alone.

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ZonkeyBalls 7 months ago

Why do people almost always resent their ex's taste in partners?

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that_guy 6 months ago

My former girlfriend was an outstanding person.
I just really wasn't what she needed in her life at that moment.
I have no idea how she's been doing right now.

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primeiro 6 months ago

Nope. I'm glad I got rid of her to be honest. I doubt my sanity for spending as much time as I did on the relationship

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TheCensoredBrit 6 months ago