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My dishes. Washing them has been a work-in-progress kind of a situation for about two weeks by now. As long as they don't try to attack me from the behind and strangle me, it's alright.

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ZonkeyBalls 15 days ago

Maybe tomorrow I'll get around to doing 3 years of income taxes... (Seriously! And the odd part is, for sure I'll probably be getting back 3 healthy overpayment cheques)

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Bub 15 days ago

Queuing another weeks worth of posts.

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ErasmusB_FurmanSmall 15 days ago

Get ready to move home. 乂>_<乂

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Ada 15 days ago

Probably weed-eating the back yard. Then again? I may not do it till Monday. LOL. I hate doing that! Have a big back yard!

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Rooster 15 days ago

Waking up tomorrow morning?..I'm sure I'll procrastinate on something before today is out, but right now that is the only thing which comes to mind lol.

Plus, I must put it off until tomorrow.

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Mutt 15 days ago