Panic Buying

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I'm not certain, if "buying" is the proper term here, as I simply swapped a favor to another, but I still like my classic Arctic Warfare. Keeps the zombies away.

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ZonkeyBalls 3 months ago


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VicZinc 3 months ago

A smartphone.

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JerryHendrickson 3 months ago

Like Jerry, a smart phone. Have no use for them.

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Rooster 3 months ago

A smart phone.

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StarzAbove 3 months ago

Hell I'm on the smartphone bandwagon too. 乂^◡^乂

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Ada 3 months ago

I haven't bought one either

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Blewynanifail 3 months ago

An expensive wrist watch, e.g., a Rolex...But, boy was I tempted MANY years ago in my early 30's, as I allowed myself to unwisely be influenced by some folks very close to me who were Rolex owners. I'm just not, nor have I ever been that materialistic at my core.

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_Howler_ 3 months ago

A time share vacation.

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ozzyboy 3 months ago

A fur coat.Or a diamond ring.I'm more down to earth.

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hootowl 3 months ago

A cellphone (of any kind).

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Tiffanee 3 months ago

A rap album/CD of any kind.

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Metal_god14 3 months ago