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Well, kinda...Talk to myself to practice what I'm going to say to other people.

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azlotto 6 months ago

Sure, even out loud fairly often. That is done in more of a mutter, though, when in public. (smile)

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Piper2 6 months ago

Yes, I have interesting things to say. Sometimes I need to hear things out loud too.

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ajmsituation 6 months ago

Of course. I enjoy a conversation with an intelligent person.

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JustJimColo 6 months ago

I'm a parrot.

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ZonkeyBalls 6 months ago

Yep! I have a tendency to do that! Sometimes even answer myself too. It gets lonely here sometimes! LOL

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Rooster 6 months ago

Yup, practice makes perfect!

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SynysterGates 6 months ago

Helps me think.

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MonaLea 6 months ago

Yep! Sometimes I listen, but not always. (a)

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JanHaskell 6 months ago

Occasionally I'll catch myself doing so.

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PhilboydStudge 6 months ago

every chance I get, I even crack myself up at times

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symplycurious 6 months ago

Sometimes, it's the only way to have an intelligent conversation.

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Walt_OReagun 6 months ago

Yes, but not out loud. I might be embarrassed. (biggrin)

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Thinkerbell 6 months ago

In response to “Yes, but not out loud. I might be...

That'll be the day! (biggrin)

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Rooster 6 months ago

In response to “That'll be the day! (biggrin)

There once was a fella named Rooster,
Who always came up as a booster
Of the scurrilous notion,
Tink causes commotion
With thoughts by which Satan seduced her. (biggrin)

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Thinkerbell 6 months ago

In response to “

"Please update your [Photobucket] account to enable 3rd party hosting."

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Thinkerbell 6 months ago

Yes, I'm the only one I can get a civil answer from anymore.

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urwutuis 6 months ago

Did I post this to myself? **** I told you to quit leaving me messages! Note to self. I’m better than you. And now everybody knows you’re crazy. When they fix us I’ll be the only one left! Lol

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DW2 6 months ago

But only in my mind.So I don't move my lips.

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hootowl 6 months ago

I talk to myself way too much

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KittyGotClaws_YT 6 months ago


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Sofia 5 months ago

Let me consult myself on this....


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primeiro 5 months ago