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I would love to see that debate.

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DW2 7 days ago

And you have that right. I'm not ready to throw my hat in the ring for either. Not yet at least.

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PhilboydStudge 7 days ago

In response to “And you have that right. I'm not ready to...

I don't think either of the 'candidates' are ready either!

Just those crazy NBC kids making up more news.

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Budwick 7 days ago

I agree with you! I wish Rice would have run this last election.

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Rooster 7 days ago

I have jacked off to her like... Gazillion times... I don't really like her politics, but she is one sexy mama!! She is like an attack helicopter in the body of another attack helicopter.

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ZonkeyBalls 7 days ago

I'd be fine with Rice. Gender and race quite frankly, have little bearing on what I'm looking for in that candidate. The whole focus needs to be on a much higher plane than the aforementioned IMO.

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Freeranger 7 days ago

It's not really my place to talk about American politics but I wouldn't mind a black lady running out country either, but people of African decent are a very small minority in Bulgaria.

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Sunny_the_skeptic 7 days ago

I certainly would not wish to see oprah win the presidency. Run...maybe.
We need someone who is familiar with foriegn policy, has the common peoples best interest in mind, can intellectually communicate with their contemporaries, has good intentions regarding our land, water and air, and actually has a personal plan regarding health care. Anyone less than that, im not interested in.
Another billonaire with star power will not serve us well.

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Carla 7 days ago

Every Wednesday after Election Day, for 45 years, I've had to get up and scratch out a living. That's all I care about. Survival.
Whomever is president has nothing to do with it.

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OldRivers 7 days ago

Before the 2016 President Election, I predicted that no matter who wins, we might have a new President in 2020...

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Zolfie 7 days ago

Neither of them. Please.

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Skr3wBall 6 days ago

I like Oprah, she's smart and savvy but we need someone who is familiar with the government and foreign policy. If she ran, I would vote for her, anyone would make a better president than the idiot we have in the White House now, even Mickey Mouse.

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StarzAbove 4 days ago

In response to “I like Oprah, she's smart and savvy but we...

So then, you are admitting that you would vote for Condoleeza if she was running and Oprah wasn't.(hello)

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goblue1968 3 days ago

In response to “So then, you are admitting that you would...

It would depend on her policies, not the color of her skin. If I agreed with her, then, YES, I would vote for her.

How about you, if Oprah was running against Trump, who would you vote for?


StarzAbove 3 days ago

But she'll give you all a car!!!!!

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mona1986 3 days ago

I would never want a woman to be president.I had too many woman bosses in my life and never liked any of them.
Did you know Oprah spelt backwards is Harpo?

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hootowl 2 days ago

She's Republican. No thanks.

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Trish yesterday